Saturday, March 19, 2011

What am I missing? Better Question! What have I gained!?

   So just recently I have been on facebook. As missionaries we try to use it as a means to share the gospel and bring the Spirit into others lives. However, having friends back home on facebook makes it so I peer through a window and see into the lives of loved ones back home.
   Last night was prom night back at my old high school and I noticed some pictures on my facebook wall. I see all these familiar faces and I say to myself "Oh, I hope they had fun!" Soon after I see a picture of my close friends back home and say to myself "Oh, gosh I really wish I was there with them" I realize how much I miss my friends, and begin thinking "Hmm, Elder George what did you do last night?"

Elder Sabin & me cleaning out the freezer

   It all hit me like a ton of bricks! I was being a missionary doing the Lord's work! I had one of the best and most memorable nights of my life. I looked at the things I had done and realized how great the work of being a missionary is. Elder Sabin and I were able to visit families and share the gospel with them. We shared how the gospel had blessed our lives and sought ways to help. We gave service to our fellow man just how the Lord would want us to. We even cleaned the inside of our freezer and somehow enjoyed the experience!

   Being a missionary means so much to me. It requires a little more effort and some helpful reminders, but the reward is amazing. I have been away from my family and life for three months, I have missed some good moments, but I have experienced some great ones. I have made my companion my friend0, I have given service to others, I have learned to cherish the little things in life, and most importantly I have shared the Gospel of Jesus Christ!

Me, Elder Heywood, & Elder Sabin

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