Saturday, July 30, 2011

Put The Master in Charge...What's in Your Wallet?

Well everybody its been a while since my last blog post. By a while I mean well over a month. You'll have to forgive me on this one. Its been a mixture of trying to figure out how to blog, having writer's block, and not having the time to be on the computer.
Put all this aside though and look at the great new blog post. It has some personal history, a good spiritual lesson, and a little message of hope to brighten your day! Read and Enjoy!

   Anyone that remembers the good ol' high school days will agree with me that though they may not remember all the math, science, and english courses there were still a few lessons learned. One of the lessons I learned and still keep in the pocket of my wallet was a lesson on trust. What can be trusted, who can be trusted, and why is trust so important?

   In high school I did the same thing repeatedly day in and day out. I went to my classes, took notes, and did all those things that prepare you for college and a career. There was one class in the day though that was different. It was a class where you didn't have to take notes and homework wasn't all that important. It was a class where you could just sit and think and ponder what was going on in your life and how you felt. For me that class was Seminary.

A few loads in the washer have faded it
 and made it a little hard to read.
Here's what is says: Put The Master in Charge
and on the bottom right: Good for Eternity
   One day in class Brother Holman, my seminary teacher, gave us a pretty handy credit card. He said it could be used at any time, in any place, for any reason, and it would never expire! That peaked my interest. Then I realized it was just a laminated piece of paper with a picture of Jesus on it. Yet, as I thought more about it I decided I would keep it in my wallet. It was one of the first things of actual worth that I put in there. Now its been a few years--and a few accidental loads in the laundry--and I still have my seminary credit card as a reminder of who should take care of all of my business.

The one key thing I learned from that experience is that when everything and everyone in this world fails us there is one person that will not fail us and that is Jesus Christ. Elder Jeffrey R. Holland of the Twelve Apostles said this as he clarified the message of The Book of Mormon concerning Christ,"Sometimes people fail us, economics fail us, business or government fail us. But one thing in time and eternity does not fail us, the pure love of the Lord Jesus Christ as manifest in His Atoning sacrifice."
   That is truly the most powerful thing I have learned in my short time on this earth. I have learned that there IS someone I can trust and rely on no matter how small or great the need is. There IS someone that will ease my burdens. There IS someone that will never give up on me. That person in whom I can place my trust is Jesus Christ. He will never fail me.
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