About Me

Some of you may be asking yourselves, "So, who is this Elder George character anyway?"
   I just wanted to say sorry for leaving you all in the dark for so long. The Home page doesn't really say too much about me other than I'm a missionary. So, I'll try to share a little bit about my personal life in a way that isn't really long and boring, like reading a biography in history class. I'll keep it cut and dry with a little bit of flavor and spice.

Hmm, where to start? The beginning I suppose...
   I lived in West Bountiful, Utah; Mesquite, Nevada; and Panguitch, Utah. There were a couple of times of going back and forth from place to place until my family ended up in Panguitch. I lived there for the last ten years of my life until I came out on my mission.
   During high school I played a lot of sports, but that's because being in a school of about 130 kids there isn't much to choose from so the coaches would pretty much take what they could get...and that was me. I ran cross country and track, I wrestled, and I even played football once. I am more into individual sports and hobbies--mainly because I was the only kid in a four mile radius of my house. I enjoy skateboarding and snowboarding, hiking, reading a good book, and being outside.
   I was outside a lot during the summer either being with friends or working with my brother and dad. My dad owns a construction and landscaping company. Now that my brother is in school and I'm on my mission he's kind of a one man crew. It's kind of weird realizing that all of those long hard days where I hated just looking at my brother and thinking of work the next day would be days I miss the most. I honestly didn't think I would miss my family so much that I would actually be willing to go back to the days of hard labor and frustration just to see them again.
   Anyway, now I'm on my mission and I've been serving for a little over eight months. I first started my mission in Miles City, Montana and I wouldn't trade those six months of amazing experiences for anything. I'm currently serving in Lewistown, which is right in the center of Montana, and I'm hoping to be there for a while. Being on a mission has proven to be one of the hardest experiences of my life, but those hard moments in life where you're at the edge and ready to turn back and go home turn out to be the most impacting when you decide to keep pushing on and keep going.