Tuesday, March 22, 2011

The Meaning of Our Work

   Recently I was reading through my first journal entries of starting my mission. There were a lot of changes I had to get used to, and I didn't know how to adjust. I just didn't know how to manage. So, I did what I had learned to do through much trial and error, I prayed and started to ponder the importance of what I had been set out to do.
   December 11, 2010 after being a missionary for ten days, and praying constantly for the strength to continue in my service, the Spirit had enlightened my mind.

"A great thing happened to me earlier tonight. We sang our last hymn as a district, The Spirit of God, and I already know the song pretty well so I was looking around. I look down and notice my tag, so I take it off and look at it and feel that amazing joy of being called to serve and having the Spirit of God with me.

 At that point I realized that would be the only time my name would be so close to my Savior in performing the same work and having the same purpose. This is a time in my earthly life that must be cherished. I will never have this opportunity to live in this capacity again." -My Journal Entry-

"It has been made manifest unto me, for I have heard and seen; and it also has been made manifest by the power of the Holy Ghost..." Jacob 7:12
The Holy Ghost can enlighten our minds, give us a greater knowledge and understanding, but most important for me is He gives us comfort and peace. To know the importance of the work is what gives me comfort in offering my service to God.

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