Friday, May 20, 2011


   Recently, with all the beautiful weather and melted snow, I've been thinking of some of my past time hobbies. Now, it may not seem like it with a nametag, glasses, and part in my hair, but I used to skateboard! Ya, I know sounds like I'm just making stuff up, but its true I actually did...   There were a lot of things I learned from skateboarding. Such as it takes a lot of time and practice before you actually improve. It took me over a month of constantly trying a kickflip, one of the most basic tricks in skateboarding, before I could even land it. Even then I couldn't just do it on demand. Another thing I learned is that when I finally got to a certain point in my skateboarding ability I could rely on that to be something to keep me going when the world seemed to be falling apart.

Professional Skateboarder
Rodney Mullen
Doing a Darkslide
 When I felt so stressed and overwhelmed about school, work, my family, or my friends I would just go skate for a bit and all the stress I had would just melt away. It didn't matter what people thought about me or if I wasn't all that "skilled" anyway. It was something that could bring a peaceful calm feeling into my life.

When the gospel of Jesus Christ came into my life I had that same feeling. No matter what people thought or how much I was lacking I could still feel the peace the gospel brought into my life. No matter how hard life got I always had something to rely on and trust in.

It took a lot of time though, and a lot of effort, but the gospel and church became the thing that made me who I am. Just like the effort I put into skateboarding to have it be a part of my life, there is also an effort in living the gospel and receiving the rewards of doing so. Just like how after a lot of time and practice I was able to do some pretty awesome things with my skateboard, there is also a lot of amazing things we can do with the gospel as we continue to work at building our faith and testimonies.

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